There’s a certain unspoken rule in politics. Debate is the method of solving things. Even if it’s not particularly rigorous, logical, open minded, or providing a fair platform, debate is the way our free society works out the issues of our times.

Unless of course, you don’t pay taxes. Then men with guns come to your house and take your shit.

Unless of course, you don’t believe in class/race determinism. Then you’re fired from your job because you didn’t participate in indoctrination.

Unless of course, you happen to be white walking through a black neighborhood. Then you’re beaten (because you’re white) though it’s not technically racism (because you’re white).

Unless of course, you voted for someone the Left doesn’t like. Then bricks are thrown and pepper spray is discharged all over your face like the end of a Mia Khalifa scene.

Seriously, none of the events of the past few days should be surprising. Not in the least! The left has been engaging in violence to silence people for the past 3 years especially. Anyone who failed to keep up with the social justice agenda (much less surrender to it) was openly mocked, targeted, harassed, and even beaten. We’ve a tendency to think of Leftists as weak and irrational (and by no means am I going to contradict that), but we sometimes mistakenly view them as harmless. They’re not harmless; they’re cornered animals, though without the cunning animals typically display. Leftists are willing to beat you in front of a live camera all while calling YOU the Nazi, fascist, bigot. Keep packing heat wherever leftists tend to congregate, to the best of your ability.

It’s the time-tested means of putting down rabid animals.

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