Flynn and Morale

With the Flynn resignation there seems to be two primary perspectives.

1.  Neocons are getting Flynn to resign as part of a deep state project.
2. Flynn IS a neocon and is being shuffled out by Trump.

Let’s take a quick look at how Trump operates. Whenever Trump purges an individual, it’s generally because said person was disloyal or misbehaving in some fashion.  Trump is very deliberate in his response however; whoever he brings forward as a replacement is a hardliner. It follows the exact same pattern as the transition team. Moderates float around the spotlight, they’re hinted at, always in the peripheral. When it comes time to choose someone, Trump picks a hardliner, (and this needs to be understood) it’s crushing for leftists. They’re desperate for some relief or medication from the pain their cognitive dissonance causes them. Trump appealing to them would make no sense whatsoever; they hope for it nonetheless just to ease the heartache.

Right now there’s a great deal of concern about morale and whether leftists will view this as a victory. They do! They’re happy, celebrating even claiming that people like Bannon are next.
Fat chance.  Whoever next pops up as the replacement is going to be so much further to the right that “Literally Hitler” might be less ridiculous than usual for once. It’ll be crushing for the left.

I’ll be avoiding the topic of the deep state for now because I’m not privy to all of the details yet.

Nevertheless, this will be the end result because it is the playbook Trump follows impeccably.

Trust in the God-Emperor.